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Pawn shops are establishments that help you get immediate cash when you need it the most. One such pawn shop located in the New York City area is It is important to get a fair estimation of the item that you will bring to a pawn shop. The goal is to be able to get sufficient cash that matches the item that you will pawn. Reputable pawnshops such as are a trusted establishment that has been serving NYC residents when they need short-term cash. They have almost 30 years’ experience in giving instant cash loans in exchange for valuable possessions.

Many people have difficulty in deciding what items to pawn in order to get more cash. accepts valuable items such as jewelry, diamonds, collectibles, sterling silver flatware and tea sets, U.S. gold and silver coins, and pocket and wristwatches.

If you are planning to go to a pawn shop to get much-needed cash, consider bringing the following items:

Gold jewelry and gold coins

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Gold is a very valuable commodity. Although its price in the market fluctuates, it does not fluctuate in a drastic way and has always stayed within the range of US$1,000 to US$1, 500 per ounce.   In fact, it is even predicted to rise to US$1,900 by the end of the year. This year, there is record demand for gold. How do you know if your jewelry is real gold? First, you need to remember that gold is not a magnetic metal. However, many metals used in fake jewelry are magnetic. Gold also does not dent or bend easily. Fake rings, coins, and bracelets will show signs of wear, particularly showing that the gold plating has worn off. Fake gold chains usually have an unusually shiny look.

Silver and platinum jewelry

Though not as valuable as gold, silver and platinum are precious metals that could get a fair price. Platinum and silver often look alike, especially to the untrained eye. In terms of the physical appearance of these two metals, platinum has an added ‘whiteness’ that makes it look shinier and brighter than silver. Platinum usually has a brighter sheen that silver doesn’t have. The main difference between platinum and silver is that platinum has a high melting point compared to silver. This means that platinum is used to set more expensive stones such as diamonds, emerald, rubies or sapphire. One important thing that you should know is that platinum is a rare metal, much rarer than silver or even gold. This means that platinum is much more in demand and therefore more valuable than silver. also accepts U.S. silver coins and sterling silver flatware, tea sets and coffee pots. Silver flatware and tea sets usually have an antique background, because only a few silver sets are manufactured these days. Silver tea sets and coffee pots that are especially valuable are those that are made of Sheffield silver.


Pawn Being one of the best-known and most-sought after gemstone, diamonds fetch a higher price than most gemstones when you pawn them. Diamonds are priced per carat, and each carat of diamond fetches from US$1,200 to US$1,600. Pawn shop experts usually look at the shape, weight, color, and clarity of the diamonds to estimate its price. One of the most defining characteristics of diamonds is its shape. A shape of a diamond determines its value. The most valuable diamond is the round diamond, and marquise, cushion and the emerald shape follows in descending order.

One carat of diamond is always equal to .2 grams. A diamond with a higher carat costs more. Diamonds are usually colorless, but experts look at the flashes of light that a diamond exudes as well as its spectrum of hues, which is often referred to as fire. The diamond’s clarity refers to the visible blemishes. Each diamond is unique because it is hewn by nature, so each one has its own characteristics, which is measured through clarity rating.

Pocket and wrist watches

Pocket and wrist watches have long been considered valuable properties. Watches, especially those of good quality, usually contain precious metals, gemstones, leather, or any other valuable item. Some of the most valuable watches that fetch good money in pawn shops are Swiss brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Brietling, Ebel, Longines, Omega and Rado. Even Parisian and American brands such as Cartier, Baume and Mercier, and Chopard are made using Swiss technology. These brands mentioned fetch as good price in any pawnshop. There are currently more watches being pawned and sold at pawn shops than any other valuable item.


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