Planning Ahead for Cremation


Many people would find it morbid to plan ahead their own funerals or cremations. This should not be so. Planning ahead would save the remaining family a lot of grief and planning ahead should be practiced in many cities including Knoxville, Tennessee. Planning ahead also takes the guesswork out how a deceased person would want his or her memorial carried out. Pre-planning one’s funeral or cremation Knoxville should be a natural process, because it gives you time to make end-of-life choices in a rational and calm atmosphere.

CremationWhy should one plan ahead? In planning a cremation Knoxville, it’s all about being in control. It is about ensuring the one’s wishes are known and they can be carried out when the time comes. The commitment to plan ahead one’s own cremation is relatively easy. There is no physical exam or health questionnaire required. Anyone can plan ahead and waiting for return documents is not needed. The plan is then completed and put on file in the funeral parlor’s office.

Planning ahead, while it lets the family knows a person’s end-of-life wishes, also relieves the family of making personal decisions when the time comes. Planning ahead can also protect the family from inflation. The expenses for a cremation Knoxville can be covered through a pre-payment plan. The next question is whether pre-planning needs pre-payment. The answer is no. A person can set the plan to paper by just recording his or her wishes. These would be left for the family to pay for the cremation at the time of the passing.

On the other hand, a pre-payment plan helps to protect the family from inflation. This is done by pre-funding the plan. The procedure makes sure that expenses are covered when the time comes. When pre-funding a cremation Knoxville is chosen, the funds are put in a top-rated insurance company or state-approved trust account until required. The price is guaranteed after the pre-plan is fully paid. When the time comes, the family does not have to pay more for the items and stipulations that already have been paid for.

What are some of the matters that should be planned upon during pre-planning one’s cremation? It may be time consuming, but arranging a well-thought out cremation plan is well worth the effort. One the things to do is to prepare a list of contacts who should be informed in a death or a medical emergency. One should also prepare an obituary or list down information on what to put in the obituary. In pre-planning, the person should also decide where the memorial information and obituary should appear.

During pre-planning, one should also decide the type of service and the kind of burial or cremation. Some things up for consideration are: type of cremation urn; cemetery lot location; type of service (fraternal, non-denominational, military, or religious); music, pallbearers, scripture, or flowers; funeral home’s contact details; charity to accept donations; and speakers for the eulogy.

After the pre-planning of the cremation Knoxville is almost complete, the next step is to arrange and delegate. All one has to do is to give important financial details and instructions. After that, relaxation is in order until the time comes. Some things to do are giving the Executor a copy of a person’s Last Will and Testament and making arrangements for the person’s utilities and telephone service to be cancelled. A person should also make sure that the representative has all the pertinent telephone numbers or account information for insurance policies, retirement plans, bank accounts, real properties, investments, and the like.

Pre-planning a cremation should not be considered a morbid thing to do. Instead, one should think of pre-planning as a way to ease the burden for the remaining family when the time comes.

The pre-planning of the cremation Knoxville is almost complete, the next step is to arrange and delegate. All one has to do is to give important financial details and instructions. To know more details visit :