Custom Embroidered Patches – A World of Possibilities

We, at, completely understand how difficult it is to come up with a fresh idea. After all, whether you’re trying to advertise your newest product or you’re looking for something that will surely impress your friend on his birthday, finding that one special concept takes a lot of time. It’s a lot about checking which things haven’t been done to death, and which ones will seem unique. Well, if you’re having such a dilemma, let us give a hand. In this article, we’ll give you several ideas on how to use custom embroidered patches to get that wow factor that you’re aiming for

•Friendship Emblem –

While you’ll surely doubt whether your friend will be interested enough in a custom-made emblem to sew it onto his favorite shirt, it’s practically guaranteed that he’ll be pleasantly surprised and amused with this kind of gift. Make sure you design the emblem well though, since no one would want a poorly-designed patch. If you’re not that confident about your artistic talent, you might want to get some help from our in-house artists. Yes, they’ll be more than willing to come up with a design for you. Just give them a few details on what your friend would probably want to see.

•Fixing What’s Broken –

There’s no denying that people keep all sorts of things that have sentimental value, no matter how broken those things are. If your friend has a bag that she just can’t throw away but is too difficult for her to patch up, grab it for a while and attach custom embroidered patches(or maybe just one) on the torn areas. Rest assured she’ll be pleasantly surprised. What’s best though is that despite giving a unique and remarkable gift, you didn’t spend much. That’s definitely the right way to save your hard-earned cash. Well, maybe you could also treat her to dinner or bring her somewhere special.

•Rebranding Opportunity –

If you’re looking for a logo that could make your brand, product, or service much easier to remember and you’re wondering what you’ll do with all the things that have the things that have the old logo on them, you might want to grab a few custom embroidered patches. Given that most of your employees have uniforms that feature the old logo design, it would be a waste to simply replace their work gear. The solution lies in having patches sewn over the old logo, meaning you won’t have to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in updating their wear.

•Take Advantage of Velcro –

Aside from sewing patches directly onto things, you could actually make use of Velcro to temporarily attach them instead. This means you’ll have the opportunity to create something that’s easily enough to change style-wise. If you’re going for this kind of patches, make sure that you specifically ask for them as you order. After all, unlike the sewn-on kind, these Velcro-equipped variant come with a special backing to allow for secure attachment without making removal too difficult. Of course, going for these patches means that you might want to order different designs all at once, given that the idea is to swap them occasionally.

•Don’t Forget the Iron-ones –

If you’re not that interested in Velcro (given that it’s a bit think), you may want to add iron-on patches to the things you’re planning to accessorize. If you’re patching up a shirt (which you’ll be giving as a gift), iron-ones are an ideal yet convenient choice (after all, you won’t have to sew them on).

Embroidered Patches

There are many other ways of using patches to create truly unique gifts and promotional materials. So, don’t limit yourself to those on this list. If you think something’s going to be better, then by all means pursue it. Given how inexpensive these accessories are, you shouldn’t have a problem trying different approaches. Besides you could use the ones you’ve made yourself – there’s no need to simply focus on promotion or gift-giving. If you’re still unsure what to do with custom embroidered patches, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email or visit our website We’ll be more than eager to help you come up with a great idea using these fascinating accessories.

We have all sorts of patches ready to be shipped and of course, we’re ready to handle your customization needs. If it’s your first time ordering custom embroidered patches online, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with us – we’ve sold countless patches and we’ve worked with hundreds of companies.